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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toy Story 3 Party

My son is obsessed with Toy Story 3, so when it came time to start planning the big party it was easy to pick a theme! 
We ordered these adorable invitations form Etsy, I love how they turned out.
We have a pretty big family so we decided that this year we would have the party at the church across the street from our house, it was perfect. This is the table that was right by the door, we had a Guess how many Army Men are in the jar game, and some Subway Art. If it looks familiar it's because you have seen it over here at Oopsey Daisy, love her site!! 
The cake with all of the Birthday Boy's favorite characters. 
 The whole table with cupcakes for the kids
 Banner with all the characters, found here, I had the pictures printed at Staples and it was pretty cheap.
 Happy 3rd Birthday Sign with Tissue Paper Pom-Poms
 Table with Birthday Boy's collection of Pez Dispenser's 
 Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head 
 The food table, we had Pizza Planet Pizza, Rocket boosters (bread sticks), Green Alien Salad, and Rocket Fuel (juice)
Besides the Guess how many Army Men are in the jar game, we had Pin the Badge on Woody. My lil sis is an incredible artist and so I asked her if she would draw me a big picture of Woody, yes you read that right, she free-handed this awesome picture!! I love it and it now is hanging in the newly decorated Toy Story room! 

The Birthday Boy loved his party and kept telling me that his Toy Story 3 party was his favorite, definitely makes all the work worth it!! 

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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Am So Honored!!

I can't believe that I won another award!! You guys have no idea how happy this makes me! The amazing Ginger over at Super Stinky Boys is the sweetheart who passed this award on to me. I must tell you if you don't read her blog yet, you need to!! I could stay there for hours!! 

The Rules:
Thank the person that gave this award to you.
List 7 things about yourself. 
Pass this award onto 7 blogs that you have recently discovered. 

Some things about me...
1-I love music
2- Lillie's are my very favorite flower
3-I refuse to touch slimy things, but I love to fish
4- I could eat cookie dough every single day and never get sick of it
5- My mom makes the best cinnamon rolls-E.V.E.R
6- I love to be outside 
7-I have an addiction to vinyl, I want to put it on everything in site!! 

And now the 7 lucky ladies who will be receiving this award! 
Chelsea @ Two Twenty One

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Have You Heard...

That Provo Craft is suing Craft Edge, the makers of the Sure Cuts A Lot Software? I must be living under a rock because I had no idea until today! They are trying to stop the sale of this awesome program, so if you have even been considering purchasing this software I would do it now, as in right now. I can promise you that you will love this program, it's the only reason I even purchased a Cricut in the first place, I love that you don't have to buy cartridges, I can cut whatever I want. It seriously has been the best investment ever. HERE is the link to purchase the program and like I said I would do it as soon as possible, if you wait you may lose your chance. 

Here is an portion of the email that I received from Expression Vinyl that explains a little more.
As you may have heard Provo Craft has sued the makers of
Make the Cut and Sure Cuts A Lot.  Sadly they have already
reached a settlement with Make the Cut and new versions
will no longer work with the Cricut. If you have an old
version just don't update it and it should continue to work
as long as your Cricut does.

Provo Craft and SCAL are still in court.  Which means if you
have ever considered purchasing SCAL now is the time to do
it.  If they do have to stop letting SCAL be compatible with
the Cricut buying now should ensure you a usable copy.  This
too should continue to work as long as your Cricut.