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Friday, November 1, 2013

Community Fair Booth

Way back in June I was asked to decorate a Community Pride Booth at our County Fair. How they got my name & number I have NO idea.....but they did and I said yes, because I have a problem saying no. Anyway after I hung up the phone I did what any person would do, I called my best friend and told her that she was going to help, luckily she said yes! 

We had to decorate a 4'x8' "room", walls and floor. The problem was they had just built a new building so no one knew what these "rooms" were going to look like. We didn't get to see them until about 4 days before the display had to be done. 

Our idea for our booth was rustic farm, you see we live in farming town. Everywhere you look there are corn fields.... I love it! We had two main things that we wanted to incorporate, one was the GIANT Thatcher sign and the other was the Community Quilt that we made. The Thatcher sign is all hand stitched and then colored. Along the bottom there is a tractor with a farmer and his wife and then a bunch of animals, on the other end is a swing set with kids playing on it. All of the drawings on the bottom came from Twin Stitchers , I love all of their designs. That sign was definitely a work of art, many hours were spend working on that.