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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Handwriting Pages & Reading Rockstars

My son responds to rewards.....of any type! He started Kindergarten this year and is loving it and doing so well (part of which is because he has an AMAZING teacher!). At his school they try to send home books for the kids to pass off but it takes a few days to get new books and he loves to read and is doing so well with it that I figured it was time to get something going on at home. Along with that his teacher has a goal for him to be able to write full sentences before the year is over. This project took all of 15 minutes and he has all ready got so much use out of it! 

Enter our reusable handwriting pages and our reading chart! 

For the handwriting pages I just googled "handwriting pages" and found one that I liked, saved it and printed off a couple sheets. I then ran them through my laminator and punched a hole in the corner. I am going to put them on a ring so they are easy to keep together. I plan on keeping a set in the car, my purse and one in the house. They work perfect with dry erase markers! As you can see he is all ready loving them and wanted to write a message to everyone.....

 Oh yes he does love Skylanders! 
(There is nothing more adorable than little kid handwriting!)

The next part of this I just designed really quick on the computer and printed it out. It also took a trip through the laminator (man I love that thing!) Our star has 10 boxes so I cut out enough stars to fill each box. The idea is he can earn 1 star for every book that he passes off, which he does by reading it to an Adult and not making any mistakes. We have a huge collection of books that are his reading level right now but when we get through those I will just go get some from the Library. When he fills the big star up he will get to pick a treat off the bottom row at the grocery store. That is where they keep the big push pops.....his favorite! 

He has all ready earned some stars and is having a ball trying to write different sentences...that boy just makes me so proud!