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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Felt Comes In Many Colors

And when you combine them all and spend many many many hours and late nights cutting it all up you end up with one FABULOUS Quiet Book! I am not kidding guys I out so many hours into this book and I absolutely love how it turned out! I have been wanting to make a book for a long time now and a couple months ago when the kids starting fighting over our other one I knew it was time! This book is for my daughter who is almost 17 months old, some of the pages are a little advanced for her but seeing as I was going to be putting so much time into this project I wanted it to be something that would last her a long time! 

For all of my pages I used non-fusible pellon and I love it! I cut them all to be 8" x 10" and used a 3 hole punch to get my holes. The book is held together by large metal rings. I sewed the majority of my pieces on so that they hopefully will last longer. For the cover I used the same material as what I used for my pages and then cut my owl material to 9" x 11" and sewed right sides together and then turned it, put my pellon inside and then top stitched around the whole thing. There are 3 button holes along the side that I put my metal rings through. A simple ribbon tie holds the whole thing shut. This book is THICK! I had originally planned to do about 6 more pages but between running out of time and the size of this one I decided to wait awhile before I add the others. 

I got all of my ideas of of Pinterest, you can check out my Quiet Book Board HERE. I have included the link for all of my pages above each picture. 

 There are pictures that go along with this page however I chose to not show them in the photo. 

There are many more outfit choices hidden in the pocket. 

 I ended up including a necklace, ring, empty chapstick tube and a little mirror to my purse after the fact, which I know she will love! She is a total girly girl!  

To me I think there is something special about a homemade gift. Many hours and tons of love were put into this book and I know that she will love it! 

For now I am going to put down the scissors and tuck all the little felt pieces away... I think it will be awhile before I make another quiet book page!

I am partying here this week!


Amy@ServingPinkLemonade said...

Beautiful! Your quiet book turned out wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing it. I love the cupcake page. Cute!

The Thrifty Challenge said...

This is so adorable. What a great gift idea too. I especially love the laundry page :)