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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Crafts

Wow I have gotten way behind again.... sorry guys, and thanks for sticking with me! 

This is what me and my Visiting Teaching partner have decided to give our ladies for their birthdays this year, they have been a hit and they are super easy! 
 My very best friend is obsessed with Diet Coke, so the second I saw this free printable I knew it had to be part of her gift. It fits her perfectly!! You can get your own copy here 
 This emergency sign was the perfect addition to the gift, I picked this up at a local craft store for about $5 and screwed it to a wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby. Everyone comments on how perfect it is, she will only drink DC from a can if it is truly an emergency!! 
 This has got to be my new favorite way to wrap gifts, I love the simplicity of it!! 

Well that's all for now, look for a post about my DIY Woody costume coming soon!!