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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Am So Honored!!

I can't believe that I won another award!! You guys have no idea how happy this makes me! The amazing Ginger over at Super Stinky Boys is the sweetheart who passed this award on to me. I must tell you if you don't read her blog yet, you need to!! I could stay there for hours!! 

The Rules:
Thank the person that gave this award to you.
List 7 things about yourself. 
Pass this award onto 7 blogs that you have recently discovered. 

Some things about me...
1-I love music
2- Lillie's are my very favorite flower
3-I refuse to touch slimy things, but I love to fish
4- I could eat cookie dough every single day and never get sick of it
5- My mom makes the best cinnamon rolls-E.V.E.R
6- I love to be outside 
7-I have an addiction to vinyl, I want to put it on everything in site!! 

And now the 7 lucky ladies who will be receiving this award! 
Chelsea @ Two Twenty One


Lisa said...

What a fun surprise! Thank you so much.

Donene said...

Thanks Krista that is so nice of you!! I love your blog!