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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pink & Brown Diaper bag

This adorable bag is perfect for carrying around everything you need!! It measures 14"x14"x4" with 22" straps, and also includes a pocket on each side.


Poulson's said...

This is the first project Krista did up for me. I emailed her & told her my friend was having a baby the following wk and would like to take her a gift that day. I thought there would be no way she'd get it done in time, but I understood because I didn't give her a whole lot of time to get it done. I told her I wanted pink & brown she emailed me that very day with these patterns & I said go for it..... she had it done and to me by saturday! UNBELIEVABLE! She's is soooo fast! & she does a perfect job too! This diaper bag was a hit with my friend, and with all the nurses at the hospital they all had to comment on how darling it was & it IS sooo cute & functional. It has to pockets on the side for bottles. I loved it! & so did my friend. THANX AGAIN!!!